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Credit Card Complaints Against Barclays

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has received 703 credit card complaints against Barclays since June 1, 2012. The following table lists the most recently complaints, sorted by the dates complaints were submitted.

Bank: Barclays
IssueViaDate Received by CFPBDate Sent to Bank
Other feeWeb4/28/20154/28/2015
Credit line increase/decreaseWeb4/20/20154/20/2015
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb8/19/20158/20/2015
APR or interest rateWeb7/7/20157/7/2015
Credit line increase/decreaseWeb5/25/20165/25/2016
Customer service / Customer relationsWeb3/9/20163/9/2016
Billing disputesWeb3/13/20163/13/2016
Payoff processWeb1/19/20161/26/2016
Billing disputesWeb12/3/201512/3/2015
Closing/Cancelling accountWeb5/12/20165/12/2016
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb5/7/20165/7/2016
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb5/11/20165/11/2016
Closing/Cancelling accountWeb4/16/20154/20/2015
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb7/14/20157/14/2015
Forbearance / Workout plansWeb8/29/20168/29/2016
Balance transferWeb8/24/20168/24/2016
Closing/Cancelling accountWeb1/16/20161/16/2016
Billing statementWeb10/19/201610/25/2016
Delinquent accountWeb7/23/20157/23/2015
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb8/5/20158/5/2015
Billing disputesWeb11/6/201511/6/2015
Cash advance feeWeb11/16/201511/16/2015
Problems when you are unable to payWeb4/6/20154/8/2015
Billing statementWeb1/28/20162/4/2016
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb2/26/20162/26/2016
Identity theft / Fraud / EmbezzlementWeb8/4/20158/4/2015
Credit determinationWeb7/22/20157/22/2015

The most common credit card complaints against Barclays are Billing disputes, Identity theft / Fraud / Embezzlement, Closing/Cancelling account, Other, Rewards, Customer service / Customer relations, APR or interest rate, Advertising and marketing, Billing statement, Credit line increase/decrease, Late fee, Balance transfer, Credit determination, Transaction issue, Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed, Account opening, closing, or management, Delinquent account, Other fee, Credit card protection / Debt protection, Unsolicited issuance of credit card, Payoff process, Communication tactics, Convenience checks, Arbitration, Disclosure verification of debt, False statements or representation, Incorrect information on credit report, Taking/threatening an illegal action, Forbearance / Workout plans, Improper contact or sharing of info, Cash advance fee, Application processing delay, Bankruptcy, Making/receiving payments, sending money, Managing the loan or lease, Other transaction issues, Privacy, Problems caused by my funds being low, Problems when you are unable to pay, Sale of account, Shopping for a loan or lease, Using a debit or ATM card, Overlimit fee, Improper use of my credit report, Fraud or scam, Deposits and withdrawals, Credit monitoring or identity protection, Balance transfer fee.

CFPB will first investigate the complaints before forwarding it to Barclays. The ageny will not disclose the complaint unless Barclays confirms that it has in fact done business with the consumer. Barclays will be given 15 days to provide a substantive response to each consumer complaint, and are expected to resolve and close all but the most complicated complaints within 60 days. © 2012-2017